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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tops weigh in

Well lost 7 and 3/4 pounds today from last Mondays weigh in . This is my dinner tonight .What is the big difference for me 
1. Made an effort to try one more time
2. Had enough energy to stay uo till 1 pm after a 12 hour shift last night (Went to Tops and OA)
3. My shoes fit better ( Don't knock the small stuff)
4. Hunger pangs are essentially gone 
5.Diet Coke doesn't taste as good 
6.Seeing results without being perfect

7 Absolutely loving the gift I bought hubby this year  the Ninja cooker
8 Love that it is not low carb but still gluten free 
9. Not particularly paying attention to portion control. Just grain free  and legume free(Paleo)
10 Cut down on dairy but have not elimanated it 

What I did this week to make a change
1. I gave away 2 big jars of skippy chunky peanut butter
2. I left my favorite rice crackers at work
3 I cooked meals instead of constant snacks
4.I drank a huge bottle of water before evry diet Coke Taking ny Diet Coke consumption from 12 a day to       2 a day That is right not perfect just heading in a different direction
5 .Order a box of fresh organic vegies ( my neice Sally will pick then up on Saturdays)
6. On my fit bit I steped 29,735 steps

What would I like to have accomplished by my birthday Feb 3
1. Would like to put my fat clothes back into storage.
2 Finish Peggy's quilts
3 Finish Celtic solace quilt Clue 2 &3 (okay so I am plugging along ,but last years mystrey quilt is at the top of my blog)

This will be such a pretty quilt
Okay I will post quilty picture on the next blog

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