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Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 3 Thoughts about the New Year

Today seems a more difficult day  I got more steps in but not 5000 . I have not sewed yet today.These last couple of days I have been really tired . I know if I hang in there it will get easier
Back to work tonight .

I think I will make a graditude list fir today
1.I am thankful my life and my health
2.I am thankful for my husband  and the influence he has had in my life.I am really grateful His term as potentate is over  and His braces are done
3. I am thankful for my Son .He makes me smile. And of course I am thankful for Amego . He loves me no matter what mood I am in
4 I am grateful for my family . This is my neice who has stood by me and encouraged me since she was 16
She has always been there to brighten my day .We have good memories of her teenage years and She is the 1st person I taught to quilt You should see her Journey Quilt It is amazing

5.I am gratefule for my job It has widened my herizons increased my friendships and given me a sense of confidence  and purpose

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