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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Illusion quilt 2016/ Labyrinth Walk.

Nora Jane Roush Allard   posted this quilt to my Facebook page on April 26th . I decided to order the pattern . I ordered the pattern from the Guilty Quilter in Portland Oregon .It arrived on May 5. Pattern and shipping was $16.67  But if you would like to try this pattern Sandy' Sewing in Yakima will be carrying it .  I thought it was cool. And so did several of my friends.,so I decided to blog the journey of this quilt  and show  how I made it mine..
I went shopping for the fabric ,only needed 4 colors Batiks is what it called for .3 yards of black ,Dark Gray and light gray. 2 yards of White .About $140 for the fabric. With my Go cutter I can probably use less fabric but not taking chances . I will use 3.5 inch strip cutter, 3.5 half square triangle die and my chisel die 

But for now I think about it for a couple of days , I still have to  get a small quilt quilted for Sally and a bag made for a coworker

Friday, January 31, 2014

fallen tree

On Tuesday Jan 28th at 10:30 pm a tree fell in our yard.There was no wind but slight amount of ice.It knocked out our cable box -internet phone and TV service . Not able to sleep well that night .I was up till 4 am sewing.
This was taken from my bedroom window the next morning 
Terry took this the next morning
and this one too

This is the hole in the ground after it was  cleaned up . A neighbor that need firewood cleaned it up for $50 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

300 four patches and my accuquilt go /Tops weigh in

Great news down another 5 pounds this week yea
Working on Celtic solace Quilt and for step 4 I need 300 four patches to finish at 3 and 1/2 inches
This is My 2 inch strip cutter marked in 2 inch increments. I cut all of my strips first. One pass through can yield 12 strips .Then sewed them together with a quarter inch seam allowance.
Then I lined them up on the 2 inch lines and cut again

This is how it looks afterwards with minimal waste  . Now to match the center seam and stitch the 4 patch

Here are my patches waiting to be sewed together
This one pass through the accuquilt go gave me 100 4 patches sewn in groups of 10 on my stretching bands 
waiting to be ironed. I probably should have been exercising instead. But this is funner and faster

Remember the ninja cooker I got my hubby for Christmas after hearing all about it at the guild Christmas party  I wanted one so got it for him . He likes it so well he has ordered a 2nd one off of ebay ..Looks like the typical crock pot is now a thing of the past at our house

Friday, January 10, 2014

4 quilt tops finished and quilted

A friend brought me a 4 sets of hand embroidered blocks  to make 4 baby quilts .I finally finished them this an It was not as easy or quick as I first thought. So  glad to be finished ready to get back to Celtic Solace.

This is how much I have done  All of Step 1  Which is 240 of the neutral with blue and 140 of orange and blue . On step 3 I have 250   1/2 square triangles done and 10 of the 61 pinwheels I have not started step 2 ,4,or 5
This is Bonnie Hunter's  finished quilt that she keeps at her cabin I have high hopes for this quilt It will finish at 111 X 111 inches
I have been hibernating since it snowed on Tuesday.So my steps have been under 5000 steps all week. This is my favorite spot to hang out I missed BSF but have next week's lesson done .Health stream is done .
Cleaned out my pantry and packed up my medifast . Posted on Facebook to sell at $5 a box but no one is interested Still trying to do Paleo Mixed wild salmon and mayo with celery tonight . But when I spend to much time at home next to the kitchen it is hard not to nibble  My nibbles have been cheese and almonds .I have not been able to give up the dairy Baked Sweet Potatoes are in the back fridge  ready for a meal
The weather is suppose to get up to 50 today with 70 mile an hour winds I assume when I wake up to go to work the ice will be gone 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tops weigh in

Well lost 7 and 3/4 pounds today from last Mondays weigh in . This is my dinner tonight .What is the big difference for me 
1. Made an effort to try one more time
2. Had enough energy to stay uo till 1 pm after a 12 hour shift last night (Went to Tops and OA)
3. My shoes fit better ( Don't knock the small stuff)
4. Hunger pangs are essentially gone 
5.Diet Coke doesn't taste as good 
6.Seeing results without being perfect

7 Absolutely loving the gift I bought hubby this year  the Ninja cooker
8 Love that it is not low carb but still gluten free 
9. Not particularly paying attention to portion control. Just grain free  and legume free(Paleo)
10 Cut down on dairy but have not elimanated it 

What I did this week to make a change
1. I gave away 2 big jars of skippy chunky peanut butter
2. I left my favorite rice crackers at work
3 I cooked meals instead of constant snacks
4.I drank a huge bottle of water before evry diet Coke Taking ny Diet Coke consumption from 12 a day to       2 a day That is right not perfect just heading in a different direction
5 .Order a box of fresh organic vegies ( my neice Sally will pick then up on Saturdays)
6. On my fit bit I steped 29,735 steps

What would I like to have accomplished by my birthday Feb 3
1. Would like to put my fat clothes back into storage.
2 Finish Peggy's quilts
3 Finish Celtic solace quilt Clue 2 &3 (okay so I am plugging along ,but last years mystrey quilt is at the top of my blog)

This will be such a pretty quilt
Okay I will post quilty picture on the next blog

Saturday, January 4, 2014

back to work and stayed on my plan

This was my dinner before work cooked in the ninja cooker  My total choestreal is down 208  but trigycerides are way up 237 I am sure it was the peanut butter and cheese I weighed in today for the biggest loser contest and have already lost 5 lbs from last Mondays TOP's weigh in
I am heading to bed now

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 3 Thoughts about the New Year

Today seems a more difficult day  I got more steps in but not 5000 . I have not sewed yet today.These last couple of days I have been really tired . I know if I hang in there it will get easier
Back to work tonight .

I think I will make a graditude list fir today
1.I am thankful my life and my health
2.I am thankful for my husband  and the influence he has had in my life.I am really grateful His term as potentate is over  and His braces are done
3. I am thankful for my Son .He makes me smile. And of course I am thankful for Amego . He loves me no matter what mood I am in
4 I am grateful for my family . This is my neice who has stood by me and encouraged me since she was 16
She has always been there to brighten my day .We have good memories of her teenage years and She is the 1st person I taught to quilt You should see her Journey Quilt It is amazing

5.I am gratefule for my job It has widened my herizons increased my friendships and given me a sense of confidence  and purpose