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Friday, December 28, 2012

Cleaning sewing room

I  cleaned out my sewing room found 4 tolls of painters tape and close to a dozen of seam rippers Found a Smocker that I bought one year after sew expo never took time to learn it and now have lost interest in learning how to do it. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Makes 14 pot scrubbers
6 yard of netting ( inside color)
4 yards of netting ( outside color)
Large Rotary cutter and mat
Size n crochet hook
cut netting into 2 inch strips lengthwise

Inside color- Make 2
Chain 3 join to make a ring
9 single crochets in the ring join
chain 3 -triple crochet in 1st stitch
Then 2 triple crochets in each single crochet --join
Tie 2 circles together

Outside color
With single crochet join the two together working in the ends

these easily sell anywhere from one to two dollars are very durable and can go through the dishwasher to clean . They last about 6 months but my final warning once you start making them people will not let you stop.I started making them over 15 years ago now just make them when I travel on trips

Back to Day One

The first Picture was before I started trying to lose weight I had just got my fitbit and was monitoring my steps. I went to Charlotte North Carolina with my husband  My goal has been 5000 steps a day. The reason I choose 5000 steps was from a book I got at Tops called My Day One which said under 5000 steps a day was sedentary .I watched my Cholesterol go from 200 to 133, My HDL from 22 to 30 .I started feeling better with much more energy . I was using Medifast also because it was gluten free
 But then one day  I filled out one of my orders wrong and got ticked because I was charged shipping So I cancelled it all and thought I could so it on my own . I stopped eating my lean and geen meals and used a protein bar I found at Costco  Started with 1 a day then before I knew it it was 3 or 4 a day  Why was I shocked that I gained 3 weeks in a row and the last week 4 pounds ,I have to stop.I do not want to go back to July 4th 2012
  So I swallowed my pride and realized nobody cared about $13,30 in shipping but me .I was the one that did not review the order before sending it and $15 more it would have been free shipping. Today I placed another order I know it is enough for free shipping
I came home from my Tops Christmas Dinner with a renewed spirit and prayed that God would help me achieve my heath back . I needed to write down why I like losing weight  I needed to record what it was like what happened and what it is like now
So today I am back to Day One I will come back to this post when I need to remember.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quilted heart

I quilted it at Sandy's  sewing. Liked how it looked
It has been busy week mailed out 3 table runners on wensday. Then cut out 4 pair of pajama bottoms and 2 tops.
When I spend so much time sewing I set my timer for 30 minutes then walk 10 times from back door to front door.

Amego  has been going down to the basement hanging out with Tim.
Tuesday night had dinner with my husband Terry at Peking Palace. They get there soy sauce from China so it is not fermented in wheat so many of the foods on the menu is gluten free.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heart Quilt

This quilt had been quilted several years ago at quilt retreat on a domestic machine but I could not stand the quilting so off to the top of the closet it went .This is  a picture of Lois and I ripping out all of the quilting  Took about 2 hours using my new tool the eyebrow shaper. None of the top was messed up either I could not stand to throw it away and I could not stand to use  the quilt I am so glad I ripped it out. Tomorrow I will post a picture of it after It is re-quilted
   I mailed out 3 table runners this week and took 1 to the Christmas party It was at 2 am Wensday morning .Delora Luthy picked out the package .
   Also cut 4 pairs of pajama bottoms and 2 tops. I am still working on Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt I have 120  4 patches done . Tomorrow she will post clue 4 But I am still back on Step 1
  I have read Keepers of the Salt by Debbie Davis It was very good book. It discussed covenant and How we build it ,How we lose, And the internal consequences of violating covenant  . My Kindle Touch  reads to me while I sew

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flowers after a long nights work

These are the flowers I came home to today after my 12 hour shift brought to me by the Desert Patrol so it was a good night at work. and I'm going back to work tonight.

I did get some Christmas cards done today but not much else because I slept all day

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Longarm quilting

Today I went to BSF and after the meeting Santa Claus was sitting in the lobby so he waved at me.

Then I went for a walk with Sally around the block. After that I went to Sandy's sewing and ripped out the quilting in my big heart quilt then I quilted my fall wall hanging barely got my 5000 steps in today I am really tired so I'm going to call it an early night thank you

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today was a great day Have 6083 steps in. I went to the guild Christmas Party .Connie Mead won quilter of the year I learned about a new gadget from Bonnie Hunter .Yes It is eyebrow shapers 
These 3 came from Walmart for $2.67.They are excellent seam rippers especially for very small stitches.
Terry went to Sunnyside for an Eastern Star initiation and meeting
I am listening to Patchwork Dreams by Laura Hilton on my Kindle while I sew. Love my kindle touch because of text to speech feature

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 4 2012 Christmas wreath

  • Today I started a mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter called Easy Street. I watched her quilt cam and learned how to usean eyebrow shaper to rip stitches
  •  I made a wreath wall hanging for the guilds Christmas party Used the twister tool after watching the  the video from  Missouri Star quilt Company  Star quilt CompanyIt was a fun quilt to make .I stopped by my nieces Sally's today for a visit and took my dog Amego with me