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Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 Bear

This little bear is made from an old coat someone gave me. I used the Carol's zoo pattern.I have 3 more cut out waiting to stitch
I also went through all my files and organized them to get ready for taxes and reorganized the kitchen cupboards and now I have a bag ready for GoodWill. Terry also went through a bunch of papers in the living room so it should be easier to reach the wee now.
I go back to work tonight . It is the first of 3 nights

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Makes 14 pot scrubbers
6 yard of netting ( inside color)
4 yards of netting ( outside color)
Large Rotary cutter and mat
Size n crochet hook
cut netting into 2 inch strips lengthwise

Inside color- Make 2
Chain 3 join to make a ring
9 single crochets in the ring join
chain 3 -triple crochet in 1st stitch
Then 2 triple crochets in each single crochet --join
Tie 2 circles together

Outside color
With single crochet join the two together working in the ends

these easily sell anywhere from one to two dollars are very durable and can go through the dishwasher to clean . They last about 6 months but my final warning once you start making them people will not let you stop.I started making them over 15 years ago now just make them when I travel on trips