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Friday, September 30, 2011

I went to the fair yesterday and saw this amazing tiger. At first he was asleep then his tail started twitching and he got up and started pacing. He has a really pretty coat.I was there from 1pm -4 pm
It did not seem to busy .
I have a ticket left which I do not plan on using .I will take it to work tonight I am sure I can find someone who can use it
Tonight is my first night back for a 12 hour shift

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making a flag for Reil House

  On Tuesday I taught a class at Reil House . It is a drug rehab for new Moms .They wanted to make a Flag so I picked up some felt and printed off some printable alphabets  I also took my baby go cutter  and let the women get creative  After 1 hour this is what we did . I left the felt there so they could add to it prior to the next class Oct 11. This should be very Fun . I found the serenity  prayer pillow top in my stash. I had a couple
   Today Sally and I went to Imperial Gardens and bought fruits and veggies then had lunch at Majors  I dehusked some corn tonight
 I have now read the directions for invisible applique  and was able to find sone island batik at Bernina's .I have never sewed  with a size 6 needle before but I will try it
  Still have not  heard from Bible Study Fellowship but I did the lesson in case they called me with an opening in the class.
  Tomorrow is fair day for me .I have 2 tickets  Maybe Sally  will go Neither Tim nor Terry want to go

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rose of Sharon table runner

This is my practice table runner I used a glue stick instead of fusible web .This is the pattern that goes with the Sharon Peterson Accuquilt Rose of Sharon die
I want to try again using embroidery software . I learned a lot about how to fold fabric to utilize your die well. A 5 inch charm will make 10 small leaves without fusible web. With the web I can only get 8. That is the smaller leaf
     I judged 4 H entries for the fair last Monday .Primary, intermediate and Junior
It was a lot of fun I did not expect anything for it but did get 4 free fair tickets and a lunch  Sold 2 of them to a coworker and have 2 left Hope to go on Thursday It is suppose to be sunny and 74 degrees
I order some jawhawk (Kansas ) fleece to male a blanket for Christmas  I want to use this technique   serger blanket    I thought this was a neat video   Will post a picture when I get it finished
    I am still on the waiting list for Bible Study Fellowship but I did get the lesson done just in case the get a leader

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is my practice Rose of Sharon block. I think I might try a table runner
Today is the last day of my vacation
Back to work at 7 pm Friday
I am on a waiting list to Get into Bible Study Fellowship which meets on Thursdays . Since I work on weekends it has become my favorite place of worship. I am looking for other midweek options for bible study not on Wensdays
I just found out that I earned 4 passes to the fair because I went down Monday and helped judge the 4 H entries WOO HOO.  I am so grateful because I was not intending to go to the fair . My husband Terry is going to be in the parade with the Shiner train and my niece Breanna will be a color guard

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rose of Sharon table runner

Last night I cut out all the pieces for a Rose of Sharon table runner with my accuquilt go cutter
I am almost finished reading the book "The Heart of the problem by Kenny Skinner and Henry Brant.It is a book that really makes me think about my actions and moods
Tonight at quilt guild we are having DEBORAH ANN FORMS IN FABRIC TRUNK SHOW . That should be very fun.Will take pictures

apple core quilt

I picked up the apple core die from
B & C for my accuquilt go cutter .I had leftover fabric from some diapers I had made so I thought I would try it .
Now to decide what to do with it maybe a charity quilt for nicu
I have not blogged in nearly a year but am starting to get my desire to create back .So hopefully you will here more from mr in the days ahead